Communication With Male Friends
by Anonymous
April 24th, 2011

As studs, sometimes we find comfortability within male friendships. Unfortunately, there are many reasons why being around them is not the most liberating at times. Shots towards our gender are the worst of the low blows directed at us.

A lot of jealousy comes out of having male friends, especially if you're being favoured by a female over a male. A guy is almost always likely to throw a stud under the bus by pointing out a stud's inability to produce, revealing their gender, or making a statement about their sexuality in front of the unknown.

This in turn makes it awkward and uncomfortable for us to present ourselves the way we would have liked, without the spitefulness of an envious male companion. Whether it's indirect or direct, it happens. This may be caused by a fear a male may be carrying or his own insecurities regarding masculinity. Just as we're noticing the vastly growing LGBTQ community, they are noticing it as well.

As a stud, do you prefer your male or female friendships?
At the same time analyze whether you currently have more female or male friends. Which group of friends is more functional for you and where do you feel most comfortable and carefree to act and be your own person?

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TSB (That Stud Blogger)

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