by Anonymous
April 24th, 2011

As studs, we may find commonalities or comfort with male friendships. While any friendship may have a host of positive and negative aspects, the dialogue that happens between males and studs can be complex at times. Males may view you as a peer \"bro\" in some instances, but then switch up and see you more as a sexual object.

Saying things like \"if you weren\'t a stud, I would have sex with you\" or \"just wear a skirt. I know your sexy under all that\". suggesting under all the clothing your just a female or sexual object.

Is this something that studs encounter in male friendship?

Do you see this as a problem?
Can this be a potential safety issue when there is one stud in a group of males?

Hit us up and let me know your thoughts

TSB (That Stud Blogger)

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