Come up
by TSB
March 15th, 2012

The young days, we can all remember the days when we were young and full of energy. Trying to understand who we were and who we were and still are comfortable in being, ourselves!

It always seems exciting for others to get word that there’s a new masculine female making appearances within the community. So is it true that sometimes young studs have a lot of drama? Some might say maybe, because of the rush of new exciting experiences; seeking other people whom we share similarities with ,women, the scene, in combination with understanding ourselves, and identify ourselves could bring rise to having some issues. Having all these feelings at once can also be overwhelming. Let’s face it, sometimes young studs have drama being new to the community. This could be because sometimes young studs have a rebellious attitude. Understanding who you are is quite a powerful feeling also. This could be the reason why there seems to be a lot of drama amongst the stud community. Finding your place within an already established community can result in stepping on a couple of toes. Dealing with conflict from the older or more established studs seems to be a rite of passage for many studs entering the community. When young studs are on “the come up” I think the stud community should be aware of young studs entering the community and if their level of comfort is high extend some ways of support, friendship and understanding. We should always remember the time we were all once young studs, excited to learn more about our own community and also ourselves.

Let me know what you all think.

(TSB,that stud blogger)

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