999 tips for my younger stud self and ONE tip for
by TSB

With a new year also come new changes: growth and more importantly, reflection. Some individuals find themselves in deep thought about their past years and can pin-point the different events and situations that have led them to the moment in their life that has molded them into the person they are today. As we grow in many ways and get older we experience more and have the ability to reason more (or not), but what about our younger years? The years that we as studs/butches/AG’s struggled to fit in but all we did was stick out. If you had the chance to converse with your younger self what would you say? 

As I reflect I know exactly what I would say:

TIP #39. There are plenty of fish in the sea; you\\\\\\\'ll find your catch sooner or later. 
I remember being so focused on girls that I almost forgot about myself. Could you imagine?
TIP #2. True loyal friends are very rare and hard to come by. Hold onto the ones you have (and that includes other studs).
TIP #586. Don’t fall in love with every girl you hang out it.
It’s just not necessary. Get to know someone for who they are and be content with taking your time to understand who they are
TIP #107. You don’t have to be the hardest stud to prove who you are to other studs. 
Shape your own masculinity the way in which you see fit.
TIP #444. No, not every stud plays basketball.
Honestly its true, some of us just don’t.
If you could travel back in time what knowledge and wisdom would you share with your younger self? The way to achieve true reflection sometimes requires us to go back into our pasts. 

Never change who you are unless it`s for the better.

(That stud blogger)

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